Nothing makes me more thrilled than building women up and creating incredible fine art glamour photography everyday. Infused with a multifaceted background from hair styling, to makeup, to set-design and fashion tips, we manage all aspects of the boudoir photography experience and love every type of woman - The Quirky, The Fun, The Sexy, The Business Woman, The Artists, The Moms.

Private + Confidential

The ladies you see on my site all signed contracts stating I could use their images for promotional use. I am VERY strict on privacy and confidentiality. My clients need to trust me with these photos and I take it super serious. You don't see many photos in my portfolio online for a reason -- I don't ask my clients if I can share their images and I keep everything password protected. So no worries about keeping your boudoir private!

Please know that all of the images that we create together during your session are 100% private, and will not be published for self promotion, editorial purposes, or marketing, without your written consent. Your images are treated as confidential until you choose otherwise, and you will have the opportunity to share your images if you so choose.

I hate my (insert body part)…! We all have those areas we’d like to improve, and even models need retouching. That’s to say, don’t sweat it. We won’t focus on those areas, with correct posing we’ll truly accentuate your natural assets.

I’m a big girl, curvy and voluptuous… can you pose me? Not to change the subject, but size, in this case, doesn’t matter. What truly does count, and what makes a great image or portrait, is the attitude of the subject. Embrace who you are, and love yourself – not to come over all Dr. Phil on you – but what makes somebody sexy is their confidence and comfort level – that devil-may-care attitude (even if you fake it!). We shoot curvier ladies all the time, and we work out some great poses during the shoot.

I’m not a natural born model (who is?), so I’m a bit nervous about posing! No need to be nervous at all. We’ll direct you through the shoot to accentuate the positive and bring the best out of you in a natural way. A good tip, silly as it may sound, is to practice your “model look” in the mirror – don’t think “Blue Steel” but rather your face in repose, lips open slightly, the hint of a smile in your eyes… then work it a little and see what develops.

How do I prep for the shoot? A good night's rest, be hydrated and moisturized. Wear loose-fitting clothing to the shoot to minimize skin marks. Bring a great attitude and be ready to have fun! We send you a prep email beforehand too.

What outfits, clothing or lingerie should I bring? Bring what makes you feel sexy or comfortable and what fits your figure best. That may be several different pieces, so bring them all. For boudoir we recommend a dark and light set of bra & panties as they tend to photograph well against different backdrops and are good to have on standby to change things up. Other items aside from lingerie might be your favorite skinny jeans, a form-fitting tee or favorite blouse -- matched with a pair of heels and little else we can create some amazingly sexy looks. Whatever you bring, we'll be on hand to give you our recommendations.

If a Boudoir session has been on your mind for a while, then Woman, you are here for a reason! While you may feel a bit hesitant at first (because hello Fear! Fear is a sign of growth and growth is uncomfortable) - I am here to tell you that with my guidance and help, you will be prepared to have the best boudoir experience!

Self Love and Empowerment

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